This Too Shall Pass

Unsplash | Averie Woodard @averieclaire

I reached out to a friend recently. I was surprised and saddened to hear that she is going through a tough time. Immediately, I kicked into service mode - what can I do, what can I say to help?

I was immediately hit with the feeling that she isn’t the only one going through something. A transition. A growth spurt or a growing pain. A roadblock or breakthrough. And the Universe provided me with a message that is not just for her, but for everyone who needs it.

It’s not permanent. It’s just temporary. This too shall pass.

These affirmations are simple in meaning, but powerful in practice.

And because the Universe works in synchronicity, I heard this complimentary advice the other day that I’d like you to try on:

Take whatever you are experiencing and add “right now” to the end of it.

“I am so stressed…right now.”

“This is so painful…right now.”

“I don’t know the right answer…right now.”

Often times, in our trying times, we feel as though they are permanent and we are powerless. It’s not and you’re not. Take back your power. Accept and allow this moment, this lesson, this opportunity. Surrender to and trust the process - you are being led to feeling good. Receive the guidance, wisdom, and support within and around you. Because when this too shall pass - and it will pass - you will look back at this phase as one of the greatest times in your life. Why? Because it led you back to you.

Feel good.