Quick Question: Are You Feeling Your Vibe?

Unsplash | Autum Goodman @auttgood

What’s YOUR vibe?

You know - the music that moves you. The poetry you write. The way you make others smile. Your style. Your kindness. Your ability to forgive. Your signature nail polish. Your go-to after-work drink and pre-work coffee order. Your playlists and Netflix ‘Just For You’ list. The shows that make you laugh. The songs that make you cry. The friends that support you and the relationships you chose to leave behind. Your guilty pleasures and your can’t-live-with-outs.

Your vibe is a compilation of all the details that make you uniquely you. The energy you emit and the people, places, and things that you attract.

Are you feeling your vibe? More, do you love your vibe? I can recall a few distinct times in my life that I stopped, took a mental snapshot of the present moment and thought, “Bah, I love my vibe!” More often than not, these times included Fleetwood Mac and Cider Beer. I can also recall the many times that I was not living in alignment with what was authentic and right for me. ie. Corporate America - so not my vibe. Suffice to say the former feels pretty amazing, and the latter, not so much.

Your spiritual homework is to observe the details - habits, patterns, and routines - that fill your space and take up your time. Do you love them? Do they feel good? Do they vibe with your vibe? If the answer is ‘No’ - shift it. Fill your space with details that align with who you are and edit, eliminate, and replace the details that are clearly who you are not.

Love what makes you, you and you will attract more of what you love.

Feel good.