The Power Of Spirit Animals And How To Summon Yours

Spirit Animal

Recently, in a meditation, I had a vision of a magnificent Cheetah. She embodied strength, confidence, beauty, and courage.

I then saw other Lions, Panthers, Cheetahs, and Tigers hissing and clawing at me, emitting low vibrations beneath the earth’s surface as she walked on the ground above them - alone, peaceful, stealth.

She was powerful, the ruler of her kingdom, and though I could feel that she was often alone, I knew that those who love her, know her, and those she loves, she loves deeply.

My Guides whispered, “I am her. She is me.”

This experience fulfilled me in places I didn’t know I felt lack. When I looked up the meaning of a Cheetah Spirit Animal, I was surprised at how my perception and the description were perfectly aligned and how the qualities she represents are synonymous to where I am and what I need in this moment of time.

Calling on the energy of a Spirit Animal immediately gifts you with the qualities, senses, or emotions that you need for any given moment or situation. The process to calling in your Spirit Animal is simple:

  • Close your eyes.

  • Ask your Guides to bring forth the Spirit Animal that best serves you in this moment.

  • Allow it to step forward.

  • Open yourself up to feel their energy, lean into your emotional body, and fuel yourself with their magic.

You may not see or feel anything in the moment. Rather than get frustrated, practice trust that you will see and know what you need to, in the way and time that serves you best. Perhaps you will spot a Hawk in the sky or hear “Blackbird” by the Beatles.

Once you receive your vision, sign, or symbol you can do a quick Google search to discover your Spirit Animal’s meaning. The site I have been using is Spirit Animal. If you’ve been following me for a bit, you may know that Hawks are one of my Animal Guides. Continue following along to hear my thoughts on Animal Guides vs. Spirit Animals.

Feel good.