Do You Trust The Process?


Keep in mind that I am writing to you slap-dab in the middle of my own inner struggle to trust the mother ducking process. But, such, this is also when I get the most guidance from my Guides. So, here goes... 

Trust the process. 

Trust the doors that shut, the voice that's telling you 'no' when you want it to be 'yes,' the time that it's taking, the crossed wires or miscommunication, the big wins and small setbacks, the big setbacks and smalls wins, the one piece of advice that felt right in your soul, the piece of feedback that hurt you to your bones, the uncertainty, the inspiration, the hope, the vision, the progress, the practice, the lessons, and the opportunities in front of you. 

Trust the whole damn process. 

There's a quote that says that 'the days are long, but the years are short.' Same goes for your journey. It may seem like the road to achieving your goals is long - that nothing is happening as far as the eye can see or as fast as you'd like it or that your goals just might not be in the cards. Bull shit.

I know in my bones that when you show up for what you want, the Universe shows up for you. 

Before you know it, you'll be waking up and thanking the Universe for the blessings you once prayed for. Trust that the Universe gives you what you need and when you need it. Often we don't realize that until after the fact. How about you save yourself some time, energy, and worry and relish in the fact that what you want is already determined, ready, and waiting for you?

Trust the whole damn mother ducking process. 

My husband and I were sulking the other day about not having bought our first house yet. Listen, whether it's a house, a job, or a baby, it's all the same damn thing - you want what you don't have. But then I realized that owning a house the past few years wouldn't have served us, as much as the many other ways that the Universe provided for us during that time.

For awhile there we were experiencing personal hardships, where the focus was and needed to be solely on us getting better and feeling stronger. A house, at that time, would not have served where we were, what we needed, and further, wouldn't have been practical! Instead, the Universe took care of providing us with a roof over our head (in our favorite town, no less), that allowed us the freedom to love ourselves and each other back to health. 

And, I trust, that when the timing is right, our house will be waiting for us (even if I'm a bit cranky, impatient, and frustrated along the way...)

So what have we learned today?