The Daily Question You Need To Ask Yourself: Does This Feel Good?


Recently, I’ve been teaching a seven minute (per leg) standing balancing series in my Yoga classes. By the end of the first side, my students look exhausted, drained, dejected, and defeated. Before the second side I ask them to check in with themselves and question what, if anything, was their intention for the first side. Now, if their expectation was to remain upright, without falling, for the entire series, then they just went on a pretty gnarly ego-trip and were setting themselves up to fall (which many, if not all of them, did) and that doesn’t feel good for anyone.

What does maintaining balance on one leg do for you if you mentally knock yourself down along the way?

So, on the second side I asked them to re-shift their intention to something that feels good. Something like creating a mentally safe space that gives them the opportunity to step (or stand) outside their comfort zone and allows them the freedom to shake, wobble, fall, get back up, and fall again. A safe space to meet themselves, where they are, as they are - off-balanced, vulnerable, and scared - with acceptance and gratitude.

It’s amazing to witness not only the energetic shift in the studio on the second side, but the physical shift as they step forward, onward, and upward with confidence, poise, and love that was absent on the first side.

You may not even realize that you are creating your own suffering by the expectations or intentions you set for yourself. If you are doing something, thinking something, or moving towards a goal that doesn’t feel good along the way, re-focus. More so, if you are doing something, thinking something, or moving towards something that doesn’t feel good, why are you doing it? Re-shape your thoughts, re-shift your actions, and re-align your intentions with what feels good as you keep moving forward, one step, one trip, one fall, at a time.

Trust me, you're going to fall. But won't it feel better when you have yourself to lift you back up?

You deserve to feel good.