Jen's Love Letter To You


you are beautiful.
you are kind.
you are strong.
you are wise. 

you are compassionate.
you are caring.
you are loving.
and you are daring.

nobody can be the you that you are,
what you are is a gift, felt near and afar.
please don't doubt just how special you are.

shine your bring light for everyone to see,
because who you are is exactly who you are meant to be.

the Universe is conspiring for only good things to come,
so don't waste your time fretting and don't forget to have fun.
look around and count all the blessings you see, they are not happenstance, but the way it's meant to be.

there is no love greater than the love you give yourself, so when you're expressing gratitude, be sure to start with the self. 

sending you so much love - because you deserve it.