Take This Word Out Of Your Vocabulary

Unsplash | Tachina Lee @chne_

Take need out of your vocabulary.

Words are vibrations, vibrations are energy, and energy is what attracts or blocks you from what you want.

Replace need with a positive, affirming word that illustrates trust and confidence that what you desire is yours to receive.

Personally, I like, calling in, manifesting, or receiving.

So, rather than, “I need this pain to end,” I’d say, “I’m calling in relief.”

Rather than, “I need a raise,” I’d say, “I’m manifesting a raise.”

Rather than, “I need to pass this test,” I’d say, “I will receive a passing grade on this test.”

Take your power back by being intentional with your words. Know that everything you need is already inside of you and all that you are calling in is yours to receive.

Believe it, speak it, receive it.

Feel good.