The Reason Behind Your Discomfort


If something is uncomfortable for you, it's because you are not comfortable with it, yet.

I am talking about a thought, aspect of yourself, or idea you have that makes you uncomfortable. That when you think about said thing, you get a little squirmy, immediately talk yourself out of it, or find ways to deny it. That thing. Let's lean into that.

You are only uncomfortable with that thought, aspect of yourself, or idea because you have yet to explore, accept, and embrace it. 

Chances are that you've had these uncomfortable feelings before. Looking back, you've probably felt them time + time again and you either listened and stepped into them or denied them and found yourself right back where you started - only now a bit more uncomfortable and perhaps a bit more scared. 

The peace that you will find when you lean into all of your possibilities, is greater than the discomfort that you fear.

This week, especially on today's super full moon, let all of your discomfort come to the surface.

This week, get comfortable with what makes you uncomfortable. Explore that thought, accept that aspect of yourself, and embrace that idea. Acknowledge your fear, allow your fear, overcome your fear by stepping into it and above it. 

Something accepting, loving, and amazing is waiting on the other side.