Justine Duran | In The Grey

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I met Justine many moons ago, when I was managing Pure Yoga, a subsidiary of Equinox. When I think back on what qualities of hers really struck me, I’d say they were her confidence, creativity, and curiosity about life. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise me to see the incredible woman she has become and the inspiring work that she is pursuing.

Justine is a Life Balance Consultant and Recovery Specialist, who currently lives in ‘enchanting’ Sante Fe, New Mexico. She recently founded, In the Grey - ‘a not so traditional approach to creating a well-rounded, sustainable life.’ Justine examines the mental health, alcohol and substance use, physical, spiritual, and ritual elements of her clients to help them find the balance within the grey areas of life.

What really inspires me about Justine’s work is her commitment to the niche population that she feels called to work with and the impact that consistently and routinely doing the things that make her feel good has made on her life (hello, this week’s blog!).

Tell us your story:

My journey to helping people find power and balance began years ago, after kicking an opioid habit. I found Yoga and as I became more self-aware and tuned in, I realized that there was so much more to my healing process and my habitual way of being. I have since been immersed in the Yoga and Wellness industry for over 10 years and use those modalities as a vessel in mindfulness and healing. This also inspired me to educate myself on mental health and alcohol and substance abuse.

In the past four years, I have studied relationships with alcohol and substances from a clinical view; as well as received Recovery Specialist training that caters to touring musicians, artists, and crew through International Recovery Institute. While living in Los Angeles and New York, I was exposed to music and entertainment industry lifestyles. Although my focus started with touring musicians and artists, I have now expanded to working with clients from all walks of life and supporting everyone through their life transitions and ways of healing. Currently, I am studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a certified health coach so that I can support my clients in more ways.

In the Grey was initially created to support people in the music and entertainment industry. One main goal as our business expands is to create retreat centers for folks to visit before and after tour; and to also provide an option of year-round support while touring and living. We are currently looking for advocates and investors to help achieve our dreams of providing support to all types of people and communities. Largely, we want to help shift the conversation of having accessible mental, physical and spiritual health support in all industries.

What is your personal and professional intention?

Personally, to stay fluid, keep shifting, and never get tunnel vision. 

Professionally, I want my clients to know that they are seen by me, themselves, and the world in their most perfect non-societal status, non-pressured, non-judgmental form. 

What are some of the most profound shifts you have made on your journey?

One of the most profound shifts for me was finding completeness and understanding in my relationship with myself first and then translating that to my friendships, relationships, and connections.  When I feel mentally clear and complete, my inner dialogue doesn't cloud my experiences with others. This allows me to truly remove myself so that I can fully see and serve others. 

 What makes you feel good?

 What makes me feel good!? Being connected to the earth. I am the most Taurus you might ever meet! I am hiking or walking trails pretty much every day. It makes me feel good to stay consistent with a routine of wake-up times, meal times, and physical movement times. I love consistency so much until I throw it all out the window for a reset!

To learn more about Justine or how you can support In The Grey, visit justineduran.com.