Jessica Mullins | Found Herbal


I am so happy to introduce Jessica Mullins as my first Woman spotlight. I met Jess about a year ago when my family and I were browsing through the cute streets of Bronxville, New York. I was elated to find her shop, Found Herbal, filled with all of my favorite things – oils, sage, herbs, and community event opportunities like Yoga and Mediumship. Finally, I found a shop to feed all of my spiritual needs. I knew instantly that I needed to meet the inspiring woman behind this aspiring brand.

Jess shares how self-awareness was one of the most profound shifts she made for her personal and professional growth and why self-care is necessary for her happiness. Jess will be opening her second shop in Hastings-on-the-Hudson in June. To learn more about Jessica and Found Herbal, visit

What is the intention of Found Herbal?

My intention in starting my company was simple -- to share the healing potential of herbs and a more healthful, more natural lifestyle with others.

What’s Found Herbal’s story?

I started Found Herbal in 2016. It is a clinical practice and apothecary with the mission of supporting wellness through exceptional natural remedies and safe, quality herbal products. The entire Found Herbal line is hand-crafted using the highest quality ingredients and certified organic or ethically wild-crafted herbs.

My training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Western Herbalism and Reiki energy healing all shaped the creation of Found Herbal's wide variety of lifestyle products and services. Through educational support, resources and organic herbal products, I aspire to share the healthful potential of a "life more herbal" with all.

What are some of the most profound shifts you’ve made on your journey?

There's certainly no short cut for hard work, and working hard is something that's been a part of my life since childhood. The major shifts I had to make to not only pursue my passion but to thrive and grow was a healthy level of self-reflection on the areas I'm strong in as a leader and entrepreneur, and where I'm not. A tremendous amount of self-growth and awareness is required to grow a company from nothing. So, making the shifts to look at the areas where I needed help, learning and growing individually with my company has been a crucial part of our transformation. 

What makes you feel good?

In the midst of all the chaos of running my own company, making time and committing to self-care makes me feel the best. What's the point of pursuing what I love if it completely wears me out? Prioritizing my own needs and self-care routine makes me a better herbalist, entrepreneur, leader to my team, wife and Mama-to-be. I learned many years ago, you cannot pour from an empty cup, so as ambitious as my endeavors are, making time for eating well, exercise, rest, meditation, a healthy level of boundary setting and probably the most important thing for me -- fun -- are all essential pieces of what makes me feel whole, healthy and give me the energy to be successful.