Have A Little Faith, A Change Is Going To Come


Last week commenced the first of my six online workshops entitled, ‘Let’s Get Spiritual.’ The topic was, ‘Practical Spirituality’ and delved into the signs and symbols that the Universe uses to communicate with you and practical ways for you to communicate with it.

Funny enough, I woke up a few days later with a strong desire to self-practice (which, I rarely have the time to do, living with a maniac toddler and all). After my flow, I felt another urge to just sit quietly (again, a rare luxury) and listen to what my Guides wanted to say. Truthfully, I haven’t been sleeping well (not like me) and I’ve had a few particular questions running through my mind. So, I did what I instructed my attendees to do and opened the dialogue between myself and the Universe.

Meditating can be hard, and deciphering between your thoughts, fears, and desires versus the guidance of the Universe can be even harder. I was getting frustrated with myself and with the moment because I couldn’t block out the noise. Before I threw in the towel, I said, “Guides, I don’t know what’s my stuff and what’s your advice. Can you come to me another way? A clear, direct, and concise way. Like a song.”

Soon I headed out to my workout class. Typically when I jump in the car, my radio syncs to my Spotify. However, on random occasions it hooks up to my apple music. Since I don’t have many songs downloaded to my phone, it skips through all 195 songs and randomly lands on one. It’s super annoying. Right before I parked and headed into my workout, it landed on, “Have a little faith in me,” by John Hiatt. I smirked, looked to the sky, and said, “Ok. But what else ya got?”

After a half mile run and a million burpees later, I hopped back in the car and headed home. Once again, the car linked up to my apple music and began it’s super annoying scan through my music. This time it landed on, “A change in going to come,” by Leela James. Now I knew this was them.

Speaking to your Guides is like speaking to a really good therapist. They will not tell you what to do or give you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, but they encourage you to follow your intuition, trust the signs, and feel your way into feeling good. I knew they heard my question and were answering me in the way they know how - reassuringly and lovingly.

“Have a little faith in me, a change is going to come.” That was exactly what I needed to hear.

You’ll know when your message is from the Universe when it feels good in your body, when your tension dissolves, and your anxiety dissipates. You’ll know when your message is from the Universe when you notice a shift in all the right places. You’ll know when your message is from the Universe because you’ll experience faith, the greatest tool you need to begin a spiritual relationship.

The Universe is always communicating with you and the signs are always there, you just have to believe it, to see it. But just in case you feel as though you’re missing them, let this be it. Have a little faith, a change is going to come.