Plant-Based Is Not For Everyone - But Sakara Life Is


If you know me intimately, you know that I am a self-proclaimed Nutritionist, MD, who strongly believes that everything (health + happiness) starts and ends with what we put in our body.

You know that I think dairy is the devil (except on pizza), gluten is un-godly (except pizza), and eating meat makes me sad (except pepperoni pizza).

You also know that I’m actually not that rigid and I eat what I want, when I want it, but in my ideal life I would be a plant-based, gluten-free Goddess (and all my meals would be cooked for and delivered to me - hint, hint husband).

For years, I have been on-again-off-again with eating plant-based and gluten-free and have personally experienced a change in my skin, hair, weight, mood, and creativity when I feed my body what I inherently crave (but often times fail to deliver due to crappy habits + laziness).

As the Universe would have it, I recently had the privilege of tasting the 5-day meal program from Sakara Life. I have been fan-girling over Sakara Life since I collaborated with them during my marketing days at Sweaty Betty. I have been dreaming of getting my hands on one of their meal programs ever since.

Their mission is simple: eat clean, eat whole. Their food is plant-based, organic, fresh, GMO-free, dairy free, and with zero refined sugar. I literally thought a raspberry I had was sent down from the heavens. Their menus are curated by Michelin chefs. They are environmentally conscious and they are serious about their product. All of my meals were delivered - neatly packaged and organized - first thing in the morning and included beauty products like detox tea, purifying water drops, and dark chocolate. Did I mention that they are founded by inspiring women entrepreneurs?

The 5-day meal program reset my appetite (no more salt cravings), decluttered my brain and debloated my stomach, increased my creativity, and I actually slept through the night (unaffected by the full moon).

I was so happy with their product, that they offered a discount to my family + friends. Enter code: XOJENH at checkout for 20% off.

Plant-based is not for everyone, but Sakara Life definitely is.