Using her Intuition and the Principles of Spirituality, Jen offers Spiritual Guidance with One-On-One Coaching + Intimate Group Workshops.

SHIFT is Jen’s spiritual approach to self-discovery and love, empowering you to live your aspired life, one shift at a time.

  • Begin or deepen your spiritual practice in a way that feels authentic and good to you.

  • Learn and practice practical spiritual principles - such as acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, trust, love, and the law of attraction - that will be your cornerstones as you clear out the blockages and build the foundation for a new experience.

  • Feel empowered, find your voice, and live your truth, one shift at a time.

You deserve to feel good.


Jen is an Intuitive, Teacher of Spirituality + Yoga and holds her Masters Degree in Counseling and Guidance from New York University.




One-On-One Coaching

One-On-One Coaching is an intimate experience that will bring you closer to self and give you the practical and spiritual tools to cultivate your aspired life.

Sessions are held online or in-person at Jen’s office in Larchmont, NY.

Cost: $110 Online | $130 In-Person


Intimate Group Workshops

Intimate Group Workshops are a collective of inspiring women in search of shift. This is an amazing opportunity to support one another to live the aspired life we deserve to live.

Build or deepen your spiritual practice, learn spiritual principles, and clear, shift, and shape your life in a way that feels good for you.

They begin at the beginning of each month and continue each week throughout the month (four weeks total).

The next series begins on Wednesday, July 3rd at 8:30 PM EST.

These workshops are held online and are recorded for you to listen at any time.

Cost: $250 which includes a 30 min. coaching call with Jen and personalized Mala from Divine East.

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A huge THANK YOU for guiding these sessions and helping to open my heart and mind to what the universe has to offer. I know this is still the early stages of my practice, but it has already been truly transformative, and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all of your guidance and wisdom.
— Meredith
Jen is electrifying. More than anything, you don’t just meet her - you feel her. She invites people to be their authentic selves without fear of judgment. If there’s anything that truly impressed me, it’s that she and the other women in the spiritual sessions were able to hold space for all of the emotions and energy flowing during those hours. These women were no strangers to the messy art of healing and dealing, feeling and believing. We established a connection that continued long after the last call ended. I would recommend Jen’s spiritual sessions for all those interested in wanting to go beyond themselves. Opening space where it once didn’t exist. It brought me back to my truth… and the truth has set me free.

With gratitude that goes beyond words.
— Bhumi
Everyone needs a spiritual BFF. The one who reminds you to put yourself first because happiness/true success (however you define it) is an inside job. Jen is a beacon, a guide and shift supporter. I would place her in the top three of people who changed my life for the better at some of the most difficult transitions of my life: changing careers and becoming a mother. Do this for yourself. This is like the gym for your soul.
— Danielle