Want To Clear Your Mind? Clean Your Space


Last week we explored ‘Clearing Blockages’ in my online workshop series and it brought up some concepts that I wrote about in a previous blog and bears repeating. Enjoy!


Recently, I've been doing a lot of thinking about stuff. Actual, stuff. It's the time of year to give and to receive, and with that we accumulate lots of, well, stuff. I started looking around my house and thought, "I don't need all of this stuff, so why do I keep it?"

Then I took it a step further and brought this concept of clutter inward. 

I started thinking about my thoughts - what seems like the same few thoughts that play on repeat in my head.

I started thinking about my reactions - my emotional or physical response to something or someone outside of myself.

I started thinking about my words - how I choose to express my energy, to whom, and saying what.

I started thinking about my ego - using my thoughts, actions, and words to stray me away from what I crave the most - contentment and connection to myself.

I started to think how unnecessary it all seems.

Assuming that we are all on the quest to inner peace and happiness, why do we block our path with so much clutter in the way? Like, old stories, thoughts, narratives, memories, feelings, assumptions, opinions, judgments, fears, and resentments. Why do we distract ourselves away from what we not only want, but what we already have inside of us, if we just cleared the path to see it, hear it, and listen?

Be thoughtful, conscious, and intentional with the thoughts that you chose, the words that you speak, and the actions that you take as they are all a use of your energy directing you towards or away from what you seek. Ask yourself, "is this necessary or clutter?"

If your "house" is too noisy to hear the answer, then you have your answer.

Happy Spring cleaning!