Practice Makes Peace of Mind


I want you to try an exercise for me this week.

We all have goals, right? Lessons we want to learn, things we want to achieve, skills we want to master, or milestones we want to pass. What if, instead of focusing solely on the end goal, you focus on the opportunities to practice getting there along the way? What if you shift your perspective to progress not perfection?

Didn't nail your job interview? It's practice.

Didn't say all that you wanted to say? It's practice.

Didn't maintain your diet today? It's practice.

Didn't hold that pose as long as you wanted to? It's practice.

Didn't parent the way your mom-blog told you to? It's practice.

Didn't respond the way your spiritual bff encouraged you to? It's practice.

Repeat after me: I will be where I need to be, do what I need to do, and have what I want to have, when I need to be it, do it, and have it.

So, take the pressure off and practice being the version of yourself you want to be. Drop the habit of needing to be there now or doing it perfectly. Let go of the arbitrary line, standard, or expectations that you put on yourself.

Rather, enjoy who you are, where you are, as you are, because you are exactly as you are meant to be. 

After all, practice makes happy people.



SpiritualityJen Aloisi Ham