The Mantra I Use When I Feel Stuck


Recently I was describing my past few years as feeling like the little engine that could, chugging along a mountain, with snow, sleet, and hail standing in my way. I'm making progress, but it feels like I am exerting almost too much effort, which is tiring, and leaves me feeling stuck.

Prior to a few years ago, things seemed to come to me more naturally - almost comically easy. My therapist asked me, 'what changed?' 'I don't know. I just remember going with the flow and it always worked out.'

Ah-ha! You can't know the answer, if you're not asking yourself those simple questions:

What changed? What's the difference? What's missing?

If you feel me, and I know some of you feel me, let's stop forcing, pushing, pulling, controlling, so much + start flowing with the natural, abundant course of our lives. 

My therapist gave me this mantra + it immediately shifted my energy: 

I surrender control + am open to the flow.

Every time I start to feel tense, worried, or fearful or anytime I feel like I need to do something, text, call, or make something happen, I repeat it to myself over + over + over again.

Funny enough, about an hour later of my mantra work, my husband found $10 under his seat on the train.

So try it on and let me know how it feels for you. 

Enjoy your weekend!