Fear And Gratitude Are Not Fortune Tellers

Unsplash | @fezbot2000

“Fear will not protect you and gratitude will not jinx you.”

Have you ever wanted something so bad, and you could feel it in your reach, yet you feared that any small move could prevent you from getting it? Suddenly, you are worried about little every action or inaction that may control the outcome you desire. Or, you are worried about getting too excited for getting your desired outcome out of fear that it won’t come true, and you will be let down.

Here’s the good news: Fear and gratitude are not fortune tellers. Fearing the worst does not keep you safe, nor will you be punished for being grateful for the present. All you have is the present moment: the excitement, the anticipation, the feeling “as if” you have all that you desire. Fear is just a self-made cloud shading you from the gift of presence. Because, even if the worst case scenario unfolded, you would have missed the opportunity to enjoy what you once had - even for a fleeting moment.

You control how you receive the gifts you are given. You control how you react to bad news. Choose thoughts and feelings that feel good, or as best they can, throughout the process.Trust the process.

Can you allow the gifts of the Universe to unfold in their time and their way, with the trust and faith that you are not here to be punished, you are not here to be jinxed, but you are here to feel joy for where you are, and who you are, right here, and right now, because right now is all you have. Enjoy it.